Hi! I'm Haicheng Xu. I double major in Data Science & Management Science at UC San Diego. me

Personal Statement

My father has been the greatest inspiration to me. He always talks about Warren Buffet and his great quotes regarding value investment. The quote that struck me the most is: Be fearful when others are greedy; be greedy when others are fearful. By spending time with my father and talking about the stock market, foreign exchange, and the forces that operate the world economy, I became intrigued by the intricacies of the economic system.

In terms of my career plan, I dream of a career in finance and venture capital. Furthermore, I have always been interested in marketing and selling and have first hand experiences with real world marketing by listing and marketing remote controlled car and drone parts on eBay. In regards to personal aspirations, I hope to find something that I enjoy and be able to excel in that area. My goal is to meet people from all walks of life and to appreciate what they have to teach me.

As an individual, I have a deep sense of commitment and responsibility to my work and career goals. I never submit anything less than my best work and firmly adhere to deadlines. In addition, I am well organized. I keep a list of objectives that need to be completed that week and organize them by their importance and urgency with the top being the most important and urgent.

As my portfolio will demonstrate, I am a dedicated individual with a passion for business. I look forward to the opportunities ahead and hope that you will consider me an asset to the company. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Haicheng Xu

Strong Programming Skills

I am well-versed in business analytic tools, such as Excel, SQL, and Tableau. I also have in depth understanding in Python, Java, HTML and CSS.

Strong Quantitative Foundations

I'm knowledgeable in Economics, Econometrics, Graph Theory, Runtime Analysis, and many other Data Science, Finance, and Economic topics.

Proficient Communication Skills

I'm a patient listener and an effective speaker. A quote I remind myself when working with others is -- "To be interesting, be interested"

Work Samples

Quantitative Finance & Algorithmic Trading Project

Putting Markowitz-model, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), and Black-Scholes model into python code

Java Data Structures Showcase

A message exchange program that uses priority queues, hashmaps, and custom forest data structures to run efficiently

Python Showcase

Project includes: EDA, Missingness, Permutation Testing, Sklearn, Pipeline, and Fairness Analysis


Source code for this website

Excel, SQL, Tableau

Sample Excel, SQL, Tableau project files

Youtube Channel

I created "Kevin On Cars" back in March 2021 to share my passion with others


What I have learned in UCSD

Data Science

DSC 20 (Data Structures Python)

DSC 30 (Data Structures Java)

DSC 40A/B (Time-complexity analysis, graph theory, feature engineering)

DSC 80 (EDA, Sklean, Pipeline, Permutation Testing)

Management Science (Economics)

Economics 100 Series A-C (Microeconomics)

Econ 110A (Macroeconomics)

Econ 120 Series A-C (Econometrics, Linear Regression)

MGT 153 (Business Analytics Tools: Excel, SQL, & Tableau)

ECON 4 (Financial Accounting)

ECON 173 (Financial Markets)

College Cumulative GPA:


Let me bring value to you!